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Who Needs Urodynamic testing?
A Urodynamic study (UDS) is recommended for patients who have problems with storing urine and voiding urine.
It is a very accessible tool that should be used when evaluating these problems.

UDS provides the data necessary to establish the accurate diagnosis needed to determine the appropriate kind of treatment. The testing is simple with little to no discomfort and can be performed easily in an office setting. It can determine how well the bladder is functioning and measures the ability to retain and expel urine.

Not everyone with bladder problems needs these studies.  However, they are particularly useful in cases such as:

·        An evident mixture of symptoms or uncertain symptoms
·        Previous treatment has not improved the problem
·        When an operation is being considered to determine if it is necessary                                                 
         and if it will be helpful.
·        Treating patients with spinal or neurological problems. A Urodynamics   
         study can serve as a baseline to see if the patient’s neurological status         
         is affecting the bladder and if there may be future risk of injury to the
         upper urinary tract / kidneys.
·        Evaluating or treating patients for voiding dysfunction, urinary retention
         and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Diagnosing before treating is cost effective and medically advantageous.

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