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Services include but are not limited to:

Benefits of Working with CCA

  • The tests and exams we perform are not painful. They provide vital information to assist in designing an individualized treatment program unique to your specific needs.
  • Our staff is highly-trained, knowledgeable and friendly.
  • A healthcare provider referral is most common, but CCA also accepts self referrals.
  • We accept Medicare Assignment and most insurances.


Our Solutions for Urinary Problems

Urodynamics Testing
These are a combination of tests that evaluate the lower urinary tract and provide a specific and accurate diagnosis that increases the chances of successful treatment for urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunctions. For detailed information on urodynamic testing, click here.  To see who should have urodynamic testing, click here.

Ambulatory Urodynamics Testing
When extended testing is needed, Ambulatory Urodynamics Testing can record up to 24 hours of data as you go about your day.

This is a non-surgical device that is inserted vaginally to help support pelvic organ prolapse (fallen bladder or uterus). Click here for more information. 


This is a clinically-supervised training program that teaches how to properly exercise the pelvic floor muscles. Click here for more information.

This is an inexpensive, non-surgical, non-invasive device for temporary relief from male stress incontinence.Click here for more information.

Urgent® PC (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation)
This is an "acupuncture-like" treatment for overactive bladder that is non-surgical and eliminates medication. Click here for more information.

This is a device that is used daily to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. This is another tool to help you regain control of your bladder. Click here for more information.

Neotonus Chair
This is a non-surgical, painless treatment done while fully clothed. Sitting in the specially designed Neotonus chair stimulates the pelvic floor muscles and facilitates better bladder control. Click here for more information.


Our Solutions for Female Sexual Health

QSA - Quantified Sensory Analysis
This analyzes the neurologic functioning of the vagina and clitoris thereby allowing you to determine a proper course of action. Click here for more information.

Scientifically Based Sexual Education
For women who are experiencing sexual changes or challenges, we provide highly individualized information and recommendations based on the latest scientific findings and techniques.

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