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Fee Schedule

CCA®'s knowledgeable and very caring Nurse Practitioners and staff on average will spend an hour's time with patients on their first visit and half an hour on follow-up visits.  We document all visits and make sure there is continuity of care.

Below is our Fee Schedule.  CCA has proudly taken Medicare assignment since 1998.  We cannot expect lesser payments from self-pay patients or other insurance companies. (Patients with financial hardship should call me to discuss what help we would be able to provide.)

CCA is nationally recognized as a leader in providing superior care in the sub-specialty of Incontinence.  However, because CCA is a Nurse Practitioner facility, we are reimbursed at only 85% of the published Medicare fee schedule.

Click here to see the 2020 Medicare Fee Schedule.

Medical billing is very confusing using terms and calculations which would be impossible to clearly explain in one document.  We hope that by publishing our fee schedule and providing transparency we are enabling you to make wise healthcare decisions. I personally encourage all healthcare providers, hospitals, labs, x-ray, etc. to do the same.

- Joel Rosen, President and Founder of CCA®

Tax ID #:  86-0901522  *Insurance companies should be able to identify us, although if you need our NPI (National Provider Identification), please contact our office.

First Visit Fees (could include:)  Cost Range $106 - $266

Charge Code Description
99204 Office/Outpatient Visit New (1 hour visit)
51741 Uroflowometry
51798 Bladder Scan
81002 Urinalysis Non-Auto w/o scope
A4562 Pessary

Follow Up Visit Fees (could include:)   Cost Range   $65 - $145

Charge Code Description
99213-99214 Office/Outpatient Visit (est. 1/2 hour visit)
57160 Insert Pessary (1/2 hour visit)
51741 Uroflowometry
51798 Bladder Scan
81002 Urinalysis NonAuto w/o scope           

Post Void Residual (PVR) with Uroflow and Urine Dipstick      Cost Range $50 - $75

99201                      Office Outpatient Visit/10 minutes
51741                      Uroflowometry
51798                      Bladder Scan
81002                      Urinalysis Non-Auto

Urodynamic Testing (could include:)
  Cost Range $550 - $685

Charge Code Description
51741 Uroflow
51797 Intra-abdominal Pressure Test
51729 CMG
51784 Anal/Urinary Muscle Study
51798 Bladder Scan
81002 Urinalysis Non-Auto

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