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Dear Patient:


The two most common billing questions asked in our offices are:

                              1.  Why is my co-pay so high?

                              2.  Why must my co-pay be paid at each visit?

First, please know that CCA does not benefit from your co-pay.  Your co-pay simply reduces the amount the insurance company reimburses us for your care.  You pay us more; they pay us less.  Y our insurance company, not CCA, sets the pricing of your co-pay.  Your insurance carrier also dictates that co-pays be paid at each visit.  We at CCA have no control over insurance company practices and policies.  Co-pays do not increase our profits; they increase the profits of your insurance company... at your expense.

We all need to understand who is making the money and who is price-gouging the patient.  Insurance companies in the United States made $11 billion in profit in 2016.  If higher premiums and higher co-pays are impacting your financial well-being, I urge you to contact your insurance company and voice your concerns.  I also urge you to contact your state and federal congressman and senators.  They have the power to effect the changes we need to see in the health insurance field.  They need to hear your story.

I am pleased to say, since opening CCA in February of 1998, no patient has ever been turned away for the inability to pay for our services.  I am proud of our very knowledgeable and supportive staff; we all go the extra mile to insure that you receive the best treatment possible, regardless of your ability to pay.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss this in more detail, or if I may be of help in any way.


Joel Rosen
Founder/Owner of CCA

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