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Dear Patients and Supporters,

Regarding tax deductible donations during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

During this very difficult time, the health and safety of our patients and staff are our top priority.  We are continuing to see patients on a risk benefit basis, which means distinguishing between knowing if the patient can wait to be seen, or if it is necessary to provide needed care and diagnostic testing now.  We are taking every precaution by limiting and spacing out appointment times and disinfecting the entire office after each patient, and the staff members and providers are wearing masks.

These next few months have the potential to have a devastating financial impact on our small practice and its employees.  I am asking anyone who has the financial ability to help us to please do so; any donation would be greatly appreciated.  

Checks can be made out to CTAP and sent to our Sun City office: 
CTAP 13000 N. 103rd Ave., Ste. 73, Sun City Arizona 85351

Thank you all for your support.  Everyone stay healthy and we hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Joel Rosen    Founder/Manager

The Foundation for Conservative Treatment of Adult Pelvic Floor Disorders
(Incontinence, POP (pelvic organ prolapse), Pelvic pain, Sexual Health)

Patients in Arizona with pelvic floor disorders are not being treated to standard of care.
CTAP wants to change this.  We think it would be unethical not to educate people on the risks and the financial costs of treatments that don't follow best practice guidelines.

"Why now?"  Click here to see examples of some of the challenges we are up against.

CTAP is the fundraising, research, and education partner of CCA.  It is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. The mission of CTAP is to increase awareness of the benefits of conservative treatments for people with incontinence, female pelvic organ prolapse(POP),pelvic pain and sexual health issues. Education begins with the general public and encompasses the medical community as well. CTAP would like to see evidence-based, cost-effective healthcare that highlights the patient as the most important part of the healthcare equation.  Our mission is to see this become the norm in Arizona as it is in most of the country.

What we can do to change things
While it seems insurmountable, CTAP will not stop fighting for patients. CTAP believes that standard of care and medical guidelines should be set by science and statistical analysis and by Academic Medical Societies, not the government or industry.  CTAP is the foundation willing to stand up and go the distance for these patients. CTAP will actively educate both patients and clinicians utilizing methods and marketing strategies that industry uses very successfully. For example, free continuing medical education units, meals and rewards for attending, as well as in-office scientific based presentations with meals provided. These presentations will be of published works that have given permission for the distribution of data for the betterment of humanity. CTAP hopes to be able to provide educational scholarships to the members of this medical subspecialty community. CTAP would like all patients to have ALL of their options explained to them in a clear manner, meaning factual not biased. Providing this information to patients will lead to less expensive and better clinical outcomes, as well as happier, healthier patients. 

How are we going to fund CTAP?
CTAP will solicit donations and grants from like-minded individuals and organizations that have no ulterior motives other than those of CTAP.  CTAP will also write research proposals for unrestricted funding opportunities to increase awareness of how to provide this particular group of patients with better, more compassionate, cost effective care. CTAP’s focus is to end the stigma/embarrassment of these very personal healthcare issues while advocating for primary care providers to ask patients pertinent questions for early interventions. Education is crucial to good decision making both for patients and healthcare professionals. 

Please click here to make a donation to CTAP.

CTAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. 
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